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2008 Colorado Race Results!

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Race #NameClassStart TimeFinish TimeElapsed TimeSpeed (MPH)Speed (KTS)
Race 74Duncan SutherlandSport00:00.035:32.335:32.3276.28240.08
Race 57Ray EdmistonSport FX00:35.843:42.043:06.2227.79197.94
Race 18John HuftRV Blue01:07.643:56.642:49.0229.31199.27
Race 12Alan CarrollRV Blue01:55.548:58.547:03.0208.68181.34
Race 71Bob AxsomRV Blue02:47.950:33.747:45.8205.56178.63
Race 26Mike ThompsonRV Blue03:18.451:36.248:17.8203.29176.66
Race 799Gary HaleyRV Blue07:18.756:37.749:19.0199.09173.00
Race 34Chris MurphyRV Red05:33.357:03.751:30.4190.62165.65
Race 86Dave Biesemeier FX Red02:37.751:14.648:36.9201.96175.50
Race 97Lars OynoSportsman07:32.405:55.058:22.6168.19146.15
Race 89Nathan LarsonFAC2RG06:35.658:03.051:27.4190.81165.81
Race 448Jim PorterFAC3FX09:21.510:50.001:28.5159.71138.79

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