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Race Video posted to YouTube by Bruce Pauley

Excellent race photos by Jo Hunter

The following photos by Bob Axsom


Allan Carroll preps Race 12


The Taylor 100 Hard Luck Award goes to  Dick Keyt, whose tailwheel misbehaved on landing and caused a week's worth of work to get it home


Pat Purcell and Stu Morse relax the night before the race


(Left to right) Jeanine Axsom, Pat Purcell and Kit Thompson enjoy some pre-race chilli in the Taylor Pilot's Lounge


A familiar sight at races


It looks as if Bob Axsom has reached the upper speed limit of his handy "Shelf Lining Paper" race numbers.  Perhaps he will now invest in vinyl-cut numbers to dress out his RV-6A


Dennis Collins (standing) and Bruce Pauley


This data logger display exactly where Race 26 handed the race to Race 71.  Flying my Catto wood and composite race prop, when we hit the rain inbetween turn 4 and turn 5 I had to weigh the options:  1) Charge full throttle through it and risk damaging (or destroying) an expensive propeller, or 2) Throttle back and bore through it to minimize the damage, or 3) Throttle back and avoid the worst of the rain, thereby saving the prop to race another day.  My decision is obvious (the was no rain damage to the prop).  Oh well...


Here is a classic Taylor Start profile.  Launch, hit the ski lake, left turn while trading altitude for smash, to the Start line and off you go on course.

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