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TVAR III Race 26 Mistake
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Food For Thought

Data logger track from TVAR III.

This is what not double-checking your GPS waypoint entries will get you.
I rounded Turn 3 and after my usual fumbling around picked up the dashed line to head for Turn4, the island.
After a short while I saw a plane passing overhead - it was Anne Elise.
I thought, "Wow, is SHE lost!"

Then I zoomed out on the GPS - I had zoomed in on the last turn - and saw that I was heading to Courtland - was the one lost!

I manually set the next waypoint to what I had entered for the island thinking I have made a mistake programming the route.  Hit direct, and still had a dashed line to Courtland.
I had entered the waypoint lat long incorrectly, apparently the lat long for the end of the run way at Courtland.

By this time I was at the river and knew I had to go West to find the island, which I eventually did, then headed for the finish line.

Learn from my mistake!  Check - and then double-check!


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