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Here is the start as briefed:  Left turnout, past the condos, turn right to parallel the beach towards the Start line.


Turn 2 at Bruce Bohannon's strip.  Had slowly climbed to be a good neighbor on the turn.  The colorization is by speed and you can see the slight purple tinge after the turn indicating picking up a slight tailwind component again.


Turn 4 at the blimp hangar. 


We had a fairly long stretch over water into a direct headwind, so it was a good opportunity to get right down on the deck (although I'm a little high at 100 feet).  One thing about flying over water is height perception is difficult - better to err on the side of staying in the air!  On the left I am just beginning to climb back to 500 feet AGL to clear the shore line going into Turn 6.


Not sure why I decended after Turn 7.  Had a good tailwind component on this leg and if anything I should have gone higher.  The data logger doesn't lie!
Going in to Turn 1 we had a quartering tailwind so kept it high from the start line.  After making Turn 1 it was time to go for the hard deck (500 feet AGL) to battle the head wind component.


Turn 3 at the camp.  Probably should have decended after that turn, but it was a short leg before having to climb again so I elected to remain at 1,000 feet.


Turn 5 (Jo's Turn) is where we turned into a direct headwind (plus the photo op) so I'd decended into the turn and a little more coming out of it.


After Turn 6 this shot shows a common mistake racers make - and I still do if I didn't prep for the race well enough.  If you can't spot it, email me and I'll tell what it is and how to avoid it.


I had misplaced my Turn 8 course line on Google Earth, but this shot does show a situation I had to deal with on the finish.  A ship was coming into the channel (moving left to right as shown) and our courses were converging.  I wanted to be going downhill on the finish to pick up as much extra speed as I could, but didn't want to overfly the ship at low altitude, so I adjusted my flight path to stay ahead of the ship and once past, I cut back to the finish line.

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