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The Indy Air Race

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Race # Name Aircraft Class
Race 17 Damon Ring RV-8 RV Gold
Race 46 Jeff Mallia Cozy Mk III FX Red
Race 141 Pete Larsen MM2 FX Red
Race 118 Ken Krebaum RV-8 RV Blue
Race 22 Sam Hoskins Quickie Q200 Sprint
Race 83 Dave Adams Long EZ Sprint
Race 84 Russell & Rhea Sherwood Glasair I RG Sprint
Race 98 John Keich MM-1 Sprint
Race 905 Michael Mossman Zenair CH 601 Sprint
Race 35 Charles Cluck M35 Bonanza FAC1RG
Race 48 David Russell Cessna 182 FAC3FX
Race 24 Chet Brandon Cessna 172 FAC4FX
Race 70 Darrell Arnett Stinson 108 FAC5FX
Race 55Z Michael McGregory Cessna 162 FAC6
Race 13 Bill James Ercoupe 415-C FAC6
Race 17 Amelia Hadath Cessna 150 FAC6


Indy Air Race, Indianapolis, IN (KTYQ)

Contact: Linda Ely ([email protected])

Saturday, August 5, 2017 (All day)

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