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Mount Pleasant 150

The air race information page is available now (see below). The course information page is being worked on and will be up soon.

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Race # Name Aircraft Class
Race 3 Steve Hammer Lancair IV Sport
Race 23 Troy Mason Lancair Legacy Sport
Race 9 David Williford Stagger EZ FX Blue
Race 66 Kent Hulick Mustang II FX Blue
Race 91 Bruce Hammer Glasair 1 TD FX Blue
Race 24 Bob James Lancair 320 RG Red
Race 59 Dave Anderson Long EZ FX Red
Race 27 Jim Wilson RV 8 RV Gold
Race 8 Scott Saver RV 8 RV Blue
Race 118 Ken Krebaum RV 8 RV Blue
Race 150 Johnnie Painter RV 4 RV Blue
Race 48 Larry Bradshaw RV 6 RV Red
Race 11 Les Burril Midget Mustang Sprint
Race 716 Carlos Guillem ?? TWIN2
Race 729 Chester Jurskis Bonanza FAC1RG
Race 33 Jeff Tramontano Cessna 195 FAC1FX
Race 16 Michael Bergen Bonanza M35 FAC2RG
Race 80 Jeff & Jill Anderson Bonanza F35 FAC3RG
Race 86 Joe Hyde Mooney M20C FAC4RG
Race 9 Rick Simmons Piper Dakota FAC3FX
Race 4 James Parkman Cherokee 180 FAC4FX
Race 28 Raymond Fulencheck Cessna 172 FAC5FX
Race 64 Paul Hendershot ?? FAC5FX
Race 35X Charles Cluck Cessna 150 FAC6
Race 94 Mike McLendon Cessna 150 FAC6
Race 517 Mike Straus Cessna 150 FAC6
Sunday, September 5, 2021 - 00:00

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