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Heavy Metal Classes

Includes 300 MPH + aircraft similar to the P-51 Mustang, Hawker Seafury, F-8 Bearcat, etc.

Includes all variants of the AT6 Texan, SNJ and Harvard.

Includes all variants of the T-28 Trojan.

Includes all variants of YAK aircraft with the exception of the Yak-3 which will race as Unlimited.

Includes all variants of the Nanchang CJ aircraft

Stearman / Biplane
Includes all variants of the Boeing Stearman, N2, N2S or Kaydet primary trainer aircraft. May include other models of vintage (round engine) Biplanes.

Includes aircraft manufactured prior to August 31, 1945.
Qualifying aircraft may run in either HM-Vintage or the appropriate Production class if desired.

MEHM (Multi-Engine Heavy Metal)
Includes any multi-engine heavy metal aircraft.
You want to race your P-38? We have a class for that!

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