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Homestead Texas Cabin Clearing

4 October, 2015

Following a time honored tradition, we intended to build a small but functional structure for weekend overnighters while working on the farm.
After clearing the area we had initially planned to set the cabin, we determined it had insufficient elevation to use the septic system that would be installed for the main residence, so... Plan B.

An area on higher ground was selected and clearing began. This area was just off the established driveway into the back part of the property, so one side was open and the clearing went fairly quick. We had a space for the cabin ready in short order.

Note the Swinging Vine we kept in place. This is a wild grape vine that's an inch or so in diameter and so far has held everyone who has tried swinging on it, Tarzan style.
The kids enjoyed it.

And here it is, ready to begin building.

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