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Homestead Texas Hayfield

Eventually we'll use the hay field to grown organic, pesticide-free hay for the chicken coops, and food for whatever animals (sheep/cattle/?) that find a home at Homestead Texas.
Right now, it's for practice. Who knows - we may be able to sell something and make our first profit!

We have an acre dedicated for this experiment, and on 4/3/2016 we sowed the field.

I first ran the cultivator around, breaking up the soil. Some would use a plow or disk implement, but cultivator is all we have.
To make up, I ran that thing around the field and then back and forth through the field to make sure the ground was well broken up.
Then we threw the 50 pound bag of seed into the truck and hooked up the chain harrow, set up for smoothing (tines up).

As I drove the truck around, Kit was madly spinning the handle on the seeder, depositing seed directly in front of the harrower.

The harrower dragged soil on top of the seeds and generally smoothed out the field.
I realize this sort of thing is usually done behind a tractor - but then where would my seeder sit?

Now all we need is a good, soaking rain - but there is none on the horizon.

I remember at night at the farm in Lamesa, sitting up with grandpa Earnest to watch the 10 o'clock news.
He'd watch until the weather was finished, then turn it off and we'd all go to bed.

Farmers are very weather conscious. As a pilot, I am as well - but for very different reasons. Flying is my fun; farming is their living.

In action:
Kit refills her seeder from the seed bag (here, nearly empty).
And off we'd go on another circuit.
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