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Ghost Run Short Course Information

The Ghost Run Short Course is 62 NM in length.
The Short Course merges with the Standard Couse at the second turn.
For Situational Awareness of all racers, short course pilots will make their radio calls (after Turn 1) using the same turn points as the Standard Course.

30° 53.590'N 94° 2.087'W

Turn 1:
31° 13.635'N 93° 58.908'W

Turn 4:
31° 3.980'N 94° 5.845'W

Turn 5
30° 47.731'N 94° 10.797'W

Turn 6
30° 48.171'N 94° 2.349'W

30° 53.592'N 94° 1.984'W


If runway 36 in use, launch and immediately turn on course to Turn 1, 006 degrees.

If runway 18 in use, launch and fly a right-hand teardrop pattern while climbing to 500 feet AGL. Make your pattern so that you cross the North end of the runway at 500 feet AGL, on course to Turn 1.


Turn 1 is the numbers at the South end of the runway at Pineland airport (T24).

Turn altitude is 1,300 MSL, turn freq is 122.8.

The outbound heading to Turn 4 is 206 degrees.


Turn 4 is the point of land just North and West of the dam on Sam Rayburn Reservoir since the dam itself has no visual turnpoint.

The turn altitude is per FARs and the turn freq is 123.45.

The outbound heading to Turn 5 is 193 degrees.


Turn 5 is the spillway at the Southwest end of the dam on Steinhagen Reservoir.

Turn altitude is per FARs, the turn freq is 123.45.

Outbound heading to Turn 6 is 084 degrees.


Turn 6 is the cluster of building in the clearing at 30° 48.171'N 94° 2.349'W.

Turn altitude is per FARs, turn freq is 123.45.

Outbound heading to the finish line is 001 degrees.

As soon as you complete the turn, switch to the finish frequency of 122.8.


Inbound to the finish you will head for the Southeast corner of the clearing of the runway area.

This will set you up for a straight run to the finish line, parallel to the runway and East of the runway.

It is important that you head for the corner of the clearing before the finish line in case we are landing to the North, in which case you will be wing-to-wing with landing traffic.

Head for and fly down the taxiway East of the departure end of runway 36.

After crossing the finish line (abeam the terminal) reduce power, climb and:

If landing to the South, make a jog to the East to give separation and climb directly into a left downwind to 18.

If landing to the North, turn left crosswind, then left downwind to 36. Be alert when you turn base to final to 36 and make that radio call - "Race two six, base to final, three six".

If you need to cool down or slow down, extend your climb after the finish and:

If landing to the North, turn left and orbit West of the field. When ready to land, merge with landing traffic on the 45 for a left downwind to 36.

If landing to the South, turn right and orbit East of the field. When ready, merge with finish/landing traffic but offset your downwind enough that you can keep an eye on finishing traffic during that merge as they will be below you.

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