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Welcome to the Sport Air Racing League!

The Sport Air Racing League exists to promote open course air racing for experimental, production and vintage military aircraft.

This site is dedicated to pilots who just want to fly fast.
If we happen to be 500 feet off the deck with everything forward and racing against the clock, all the better!
It's been said that "It's a big country - you need a fast airplane", and we agree!
We are folks who will spend enormous amounts of time and outrageous amounts of money to make our aircraft move along at a quicker pace... and how better to flight-test those go-fast mods than to RACE!

Sunshine Express Race Results!
Bootlegger Race Results!
Nacogdoches Race Results!
Texoma Race Results!
BCAF Race Results!
Midwest 150 Race Results!
Mark Hardin Memorial Race Results!
Big Muddy Race Results!
Peanut 150 Race Results!
Air Venture Cup Race Results!
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Thunderbird Air Race Results!
Galveston Air Race Results!
2017 League Standings! (Update 10/02/2017)


2016 National Champions!

Left to right:
Dean Siracusa for John Secord, Production Bronze
William Dubois, Production Silver
Ken Krebaum, Experimental Gold
Jeff Barnes, Experimental Silver
Dave Adams, Experimental Bronze
Mike & Linda Ely, Production Gold



2016 Sport Air Racing Hall of Fame inductee Mike Patey!

For 2016 we recognized the achievements of Mike Patey, Race 32.

Mike started racing with us in 2010 at the Pagosa Springs Air Race which he won in the Experimental Unlimited class flying a supercharged Lancair Legacy.

Over the next 6 years Mike changed powerplants multiple times but always stayed with the Lancair Legacy airframe even though, after flight testing with Mike Smith, Race 35, they determined the SX300 is actually a cleaner design.

Mike told me that the flexibility provided by the fiberglass construction of the Lancair aircraft made modifications much easier to accomplish - and that flexibility is something Mike has exercised many times, and to a greater and greater degree!
He also said that no one has ever pulled the wings off a Legacy.

Most recently Mike had the audacity to join an engine from a Beech King Air to that Lancair Legacy airframe, which required such modification to the Legacy that designer Lance Neibauer would barely recognize it - and then probably ask for a demo flight!
Yet in all of his experimental work Mike has never lost sight of safety.
His test regiment on these aircraft would do honor to NASA - and maybe teach them a thing or two.

Congratulations, Mike!

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