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Welcome to the Sport Air Racing League!

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News From Our Chairman

March 2023

Greetings, fellow air racers! It is my absolute privilege to take the reins of this illustrious racing league. I can only hope to do half as good of a job as our previous Chairperson, Pat Purcell did.

Pat left behind a legacy of fun and exciting air racing events. She was an absolute sweetheart who loved “her racers.” She is sorely missed. As Pat would no doubt want us to do, we have decided to continue the great sport of cross-country air racing. Fortunately, we have the assistance of Mr. Mike Thompson, the mastermind behind the creation and early days of SARL. So far, we have a schedule of five races for the 2023 season, with talks in the works for possibly two more.

There have been a lot of behind-the-scenes discussions about the direction we should take as a league, mainly on the topics of insurance, membership fees, and logistics.

As most of you know, any public event requires some level of liability insurance. SARL is no different. We searched high and low to find a carrier to insure our organization, directors, officers, and race events. Insurance comes with a high price tag, but the premium can be paid via membership dues, with hopes of winning over a sponsor or two. For this reason, you will notice that the membership dues for SARL have gone up. This is the price, these days, of holding events such as ours.

TWO VERY SIGNIFICANT CHANGES to SARL races will be that all race participants must be paid members of the race league, as a full or provisional member, and all racers must add SARL LLC as an additional insured party on their pilot liability policy, submitting a certificate of insurance (COI) BEFORE their first race. This is usually a simple and free process that your agent should be able to do for you—more on the COI below.

Unfortunately, these prerequisites will eliminate the ability to show up on race day and decide to race. It’s a sad reality, but these changes are conditions for obtaining insurance. Therefore, it will be incumbent upon all of us to spread the word, far and wide, about these new requirements.

Dues will be used primarily for insurance premiums and to cover administrative and business costs, such as this website. Dues will also be used to pay for national points awards at the end of the season. Any remaining funds at the end of the year will be used towards insurance premiums for the subsequent year. None of us are in this to make money, and we donate our time for the love of our sport.

Membership options for 2023:

FULL MEMBER $125.00 per year

As a paid, FULL member of SARL, you will reserve your aircraft race number. As race numbers can be very personal, veteran racers who may already have a race number will be given the right of first refusal before their number goes to someone else. The SARL team will reserve the right to resolve race number conflicts. The best course of action is to join and lock in your number. You will be eligible to participate in all SARL races for the 2023 season and accumulate points for national titles.

PROVISIONAL MEMBER $25.00 for one race

As a paid PROVISIONAL member, you can participate in one SARL race, be assigned a race number, and not accumulate points toward a national championship title. The provisional membership allows a new racer to try SARL at a lower financial cost. Should you decide to join us for additional races, you’ll need to purchase the remainder of a full membership fee (an additional $100.00). An insurance COI is still required to race, even once.

On behalf of the SARL LLC team, I greatly appreciate your interest in cross-country air racing. As we work hard to rebuild SARL up to and beyond the prominence we enjoyed years ago, I sincerely hope you will join us at one or more races this season.


Below is a link to complete your membership application, request a race number and pay the 2023 membership fee of $125.00 for a full membership, or $25 for a one-race provisional membership. Once you join, don't hesitate to contact your insurance agent for a certificate of insurance (COI) naming SARL LLC, 318 Inverness Drive, Trophy Club, Texas, 76262, as additional insured (sample request letter linked below). Email the COI to [email protected]. We will update the website membership roster to show receipt of your COI and verify your assigned race number. Please don’t wait, as race numbers can go quickly!

Let's Race!

Dave Anderson
SARL Chairman

Complete your membership application here - Member Registration
Pay for 2023 SARL Membership here - Membership Payment Page


We are very saddened to have to share the news that former Chairman Pat Purcell has passed on. She left us in December, while in hospice care. Pat will be remembered for her tireless enthusiasm in air racing, her vitality in organizing her races, and her love of all the racers. She will be missed.

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The Sport Air Racing League exists to promote open course air racing for experimental, production and vintage military aircraft.

This site is dedicated to pilots who just want to fly fast.
If we happen to be 500 feet off the deck with everything forward and racing against the clock, all the better!
It's been said that "It's a big country - you need a fast airplane", and we agree!
We are folks who will spend enormous amounts of time and outrageous amounts of money to make our aircraft move along at a quicker pace... and how better to flight-test those go-fast mods than to RACE!

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