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Welcome to the Sport Air Racing League!

News From Our Chairman

This time, the Chairman update has an unfortunate twist. Pat Purcell, our Chairman, has become ill and is in hospice. We owe Pat so much! She has given her all for us since she took over as Chairman!!

The league encourages all to send her words of encouragement to her current address -
Renaissance Care Center, 1400 Black Hills Drive, Gainesville, TX 76240.
2022 AirVenture Cup Race Results!
2022 Ghost Run Race Results!

The Sport Air Racing League exists to promote open course air racing for experimental, production and vintage military aircraft.

This site is dedicated to pilots who just want to fly fast.
If we happen to be 500 feet off the deck with everything forward and racing against the clock, all the better!
It's been said that "It's a big country - you need a fast airplane", and we agree!
We are folks who will spend enormous amounts of time and outrageous amounts of money to make our aircraft move along at a quicker pace... and how better to flight-test those go-fast mods than to RACE!

2021 Sunrise 100
2021 AirVenture Cup Race
2021 Mark Hardin Memorial (Date TBD)
2021 Mount Pleasant 150 Air Race
2021 Texas Gulf Coast 150 Air Race
2021 Ghost Run Air Race

Sport Air Racing League News: Mike Thompson Announces His Retirement From Chairman Position


Mike Thomspon, founder and Chairman of the league has announced his retirement. Mike will not be leaving us altogether, as he will remain as advisor to the league and continue to join us at the races as an avid racer.

SARL owes a lot to Mike for founding the league, setting up the details of the classes and rules, keeping us safe at the races, building the trophies, and all the time and effort he, Kit and his family and friends have put into making it work. The league will forever be in your gratitude Mike! See you at the races!

Patricia Purcell is taking over as the SARL Chairman. The league would like to thank Pat for stepping up and keeping cross country racing, SARL style, moving forward!


2019 National Champions!

Left to right:
Ken Krebaum, Experimental Bronze
Dave Adams, Experimental Silver
Steve Hammer, Experimental Gold
Ashley Wade, Production Gold
Not shown:
Jaden Stapleton, Production Silver
Richard Kaczmarek, Production Bronze



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