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2017 Texoma Air Race



April 22, 2017
10th Annual Texoma 100 Air Race
North Texas Regional Airport-KGYI


A Sport Air Racing League Sanctioned Championship Point Event
Open to all pilots and all propeller driven fixed wing aircraft.
Open course classed speed racing.
VFR only in strict adherence to all FARs.




For a 10 year CELEBRATION, a REUNION and more FUN and CAMARADERIE than ever. All pilots who have ever raced “Texoma” are invited for one big reunion. This is the year to bring a new racer into the fold. Spectators are welcome with many added things this year for them to enjoy.
The Sport Air Racing League Hall of Fame will be on display.
The on airport Perrin Museum will have a booth and transportation to the fabulous museum. You will see the airport as it was until 1971 when the Air Force was based here.
Special Guests are planned.
Of course, LOTS of good food.
All of our specials awards are back and then some!

This charity event benefits ABLE . This organization provides full, all expenses paid flight training for handicapped persons and fulfill their dreams of being able to fly.


To renew old friendships
Become an Air Racer
To contribute to a most worthy cause.

The public and fly-ins are welcome.
Join a group of amazing volunteers to be part of making it all happen.

THE RACE: This is an open course timed speed race. Aircraft compete in three categories: Experimental, Factory and Heavy Metal. The classes are determined by aircraft gear configuration and engine induction, horsepower and cubic inch displacement. Aircraft launch in speed order, fastest first and are individually timed. The course is approximately 137nm. There is a ‘short course’ for aircraft with limited range and a top speed of less than 100kts.


The Vans RVs are great racers.

The Piper Cub is a racer too!!


ENTERING THE RACE: You must be a Sport Air Racing League member to take part. If you a just trying out racing or plan on only racing once this year, a one day provisional membership is $10. Liability insurance is required. Pilots must be current and legal to fly their race aircraft. All planes must be in annual and legal to fly.
Entry Fee $40 member
$50 provisional member
Fees paid by cash or check at registration
Entry deadlines: To be included in the official race program you must submit a complete entry by APRIL15, 2017. Do not miss being part of the special 10th Anniversary Program. It takes a great deal of pre planning to organize this event. If you want to eat and get your awards and prizes you must notify no later than APRIL 20, 2017.
Entering the date of the event causes a great deal of difficulty for the event but no one will be turned away.

The Texoma 100 Air Race is produced by Aviamation, Inc a Texas non profit corporation. Please consider ways you can support our charity Able Flight. By entering you are helping disabled become pilots. Able Flight annually sends a class of individuals to flight school, all expenses paid and they emerge licensed pilots. They make the dream of flight a reality to people have a true passion for aviation. Here is a good opportunity for you to have your entry sponsored in honor of them.

Once entered pilots will receive a confirmation letter with the race course instructions. Updates will be sent to all racers as needed.

Transportation: Very limited courtesy cars. Enterprise rentals at Texoma Jet 903-786-2666.
Hotels: Racers are responsible for their own hotels. All major chains are located in both Denison and Sherman, TX and are within 3-4 miles of the airport. Only the Denison, TX Hampton Inn offers airport shuttle service.

Friday arrivals and local volunteers enjoy a meet and greet dinner at race central Friday April 21, 2017
Saturday: Coffee and donuts for arrivals and lunch for racers, which is
part of your entry fee. Ample food and snacks and beverages will be available for all. Lunch fee for non racers.


Class awards
Top Speed in Category Awards
Challenge class makes for 3 or more of the same make and model aircraft
“Propwash, the Flying Pig” goes home with the pilot who flew the slowest.
“Captain Carl”, the official mascot goes home with a racer who wins the drawing.

Race Alumuni will be given special recognition.
Texoma Jet will honor the pilot who has flown every Texoma air race.
Of course the “Kick Butt”, “Missed it by that Much” and the infamous “Great Armadillo” will be going home with the lucky pilots who win them.
And who knows what else?????
RULES and CLASS LIST: For full rules go to for Rules for Experimental Classes for Factory Classes for Heavy Metal Classes

Pat Purcell [email protected]

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