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2020 Texas Gulf Coast 150 Race Information

Texas Gulf Coast 150 Air Race


We are back at KLBX for the second year. Once again Texas Gulf Coast Regional will be rolling out the Red Carpet for the racers. Jeff Bilyeu, airport manager and his trusted right hand Amy and the entire staff will be hosting you like you are royalty. All activity, briefings, and awards will be held in the terminal large conference room. Food is available at the Runway Café

The flying is VFR in strict adherence to all FAR’s. Aircraft need to be propeller driven and fixed wing. There is a class for everyone and are offered in three categories: Experimental, Factory and Heavy Metal. Classes are determined by engine horsepower and cubic inch displacement and induction, and gear configuration and number of engines. Pilots and aircraft must be legal to fly and are required to have liability insurance.
There will be trophies for Top Speed in Categories. The names of top speed winners will go on the perpetual plaque as well as name of the winner of the Handicap Class going on the perpetual trophy. The slowest run of the day will win much coveted “Tail Spin Tommy” award. Look for more special prizes and awards.
Classes offered:
All Sport League Sanctioned Classes will be offered.
Due to the small number of races this year the annual point Championship may or may not happen. I am keeping points….only 6 members have raced this year. They raced in the Sunrise Race. If there is enough member participation at KOSA, KLBX and KTRL, I will award point Championships at the Mark Hardin Memorial Air Race in November.
Challenge Classes for 3 or more of the same make/model aircraft. Say you love to race but you fly a Piper Lance. You are in the same class as a Bonanza with like engine. Unless you have a JETO rocket attached to your Lance, there is no way you can out run a Bonanza. “Challenge” others with the same plane as yours for a chance to win.
Handicap Class This is not a League sanctioned class so there are no Championship points awarded. Open to all aircraft that can carry a check pilot who has full view and access to all instrument and engine controls. Aircraft will fly a handicap validation flight to determine their top speed and then they fly against that speed. When you enter you will receive all the instructions and forms. When you race you want to go as fast as you can. But how fast you actually cover the course will depend on your skill. You need to fly the best you can to try to equal or better your handicap. If your handicap is 160 knots and you flew 158 knots, your score is a minus 2. Over 160 knots is a plus score. A Cessna 150 has an even chance over a Cirrus. No extra charge for this class.

The 2020 race course will be run. It has nine scenic turns and is totally outside of the Mode C veil. Distance is approx. 174.16 sm. There is a short course of approx. 73.6 sm for aircraft with a top speed of less than 100mph or limited range.

Cash or check…limited credit card
Entry fee $50 for pilots Co Pilots $25
Costs have sky rocketed. In the past, Co Pilots were given all perks as Pilots with
no charge. I must charge this year.
All receive event t-shirt, buttons, swag, food, prizes.

FBO: 979-849-5755
Budget and Avis Rental car office in Terminal 979-849-2066
Limited Courtesy car
There are no special air racer rates.
Many hotels are within 10 minutes from airport.
Pat Purcell has stayed at Comfort Suites 979-297-5545
Was satisfied and only 10 minutes from airport
The airport suggests:
Courtyard by Marriot 979-297-7300
Stay Bridge Suites 979-286-9775
So far some have booked Comfort Suites…moderately priced
Runway Café on airport. Very highly rated.


Please enter as soon as possible to facilitate event planning.

Entry and Information:
Patricia Purcell [email protected] 903-564-9410 903-815-4959 (cell) Please feel free to contact at any time.

Sport Air Racing League:
****Links to the Sport League Sanctioned Classes

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