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2022 Mark Hardin Memorial Air Race

MAY 27, 2023

Plan your Memorial Day weekend to include the Mark Hardin Air Race Classic! In 2015 the event was renamed to honor Mark Hardin who left us way too soon. Mark’s life passion was aviation. He learned to fly in 1975 at Terrell Municipal Airport. He met his wife Melissa at the airport when she was taking flying lessons. They have two children, Michael and Christine who were raised with the Terrell airport Family. Mark worked at the airport from 1985 until he and Melissa purchased the FBO in 1994. During Mark’s flight career, he flew corporate, flew private families, and appeared in air shows. He was a top mechanic and leader in the world of the Ercoupe owners and restorers. His name became synonymous with the Terrell Municipal Airport. Today Michael and Melissa continue the family-owned and operated FBO providing maintenance and flight instruction. The future is bright with the addition of Mike and Stephanie’s son Avery. The family is proud to have the air race renamed in honor of Mark. He would say, “Fly Low, Fly Fast, Turn Left!”

Update from Chairman and Race Director Dave Anderson -
For those coming in Friday evening, there are a few hotels close to KTRL, specifically a Red Roof Inn and a Holiday Inn Express. Mrs. Hardin has offered space available to tie down at Terrell Aviation, or the main ramp is available. I’ll stay over on Friday evening so if a few of you want to grab dinner, please count me in!

For Saturday, May 27th. Pilot registration opens at 8:00, pilot briefing at 10:00, race start 11:00. Immediately following the race (and while speeds are being tallied), lunch will be provided by the British Flying Training Museum, on the airport grounds.

Mrs Hardin and Terrell Aviation will have donuts, coffee and such, provided Saturday morning.

For trophies. I have elected to leave them blank at presentation, and will mail your personalized plaque to stick onto the trophy later.

We are going without T-shirts this year to keep expenses low. We are asking for a $25 entry fee, which will mainly cover the trophy expenses. Please bring cash, check (made out to SARL LLC), or we can use my Zelle account.

The air race is a SARL-Sanctioned Championship Point event and is produced by Melissa Hardin, the Hardin Family, and Dave Anderson (Race Director).

Points will be tabulated for an annual League Championship. Racers must be FULL, paid members to win points and races must be SARL Sanctioned. If there are enough participants to warrant giving out championships this will be done at the last race of the season.

Other than a FULL or PROVISIONAL membership and a Certificate of Insurance naming SARL LLC as additional insured (see membership info), all you need to be able to fly in this exciting event is a current pilot’s license and a fixed-wing propeller-driven aircraft. Camaraderie abounds. Rookie racers are immediately taken into the fold and given all the support they could want. The race is safe and fair. Flying is VFR only in strict adherence to all FARs. Aircraft launch in speed order, fastest first and fly a round robin 130nm course and there is a “short” course for aircraft with a top speed under 100mph or limited range. Aircraft are timed individually and compete in equitable classes. The goal is to cover the course in the fastest time. Pilots employ all their cross-country flying skills. A racing plane may be a family Cessna or an experimental built by the pilot or a venerable War Bird. Pilots have an amazing test bed for their aircraft and a way to hone their piloting skills.

THE MARK HARDIN TROPHY will be presented to a race participant who shows the spirit Mark Hardin embodied: a sense of fair play, true camaraderie, and a supporter of aviation. The recipient of this award is selected by Mellissa and Mike Hardin.

A special invitation goes out to all Ercoupe owners/pilots to come and celebrate and honor Mark Hardin.


SPORT AIR RACING LEAGUE CLASSES AND RULES APPLY. Annual Championship Points are awarded in those classes to League members. Classes are divided into three categories: Experimental, Factory, and Heavy Metal. Classes are then determined by engine induction, cubic inch displacement, horsepower, and gear configuration. All must be fixed-wing and propeller-driven. Exhibition aircraft may be flown with special permission from the League.

FULL (all races) ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP is $125, or PROVISIONAL (one race) MEMBERSHIP $25. Join at

TWO VERY SIGNIFICANT CHANGES to SARL races will be that all race participants must be paid members of the race league, as a full or provisional member, and all racers must add SARL LLC as an additional insured party on their pilot liability policy, submitting a certificate of insurance (COI) BEFORE their first race. This is usually a simple and free process that your agent should be able to do for you.


RACE ENTRY FEE $50 Cash or check paid at registration.

Racers are responsible for their own hotel reservations. Holiday Inn Express, Quality, Comfort, LaQuinta, Best Western and more are within 3 miles of the airport.
We endeavor to provide courtesy transportation but it is limited. Contact FBO, Terrell Aviation, 972-524-1601. for rentals by Enterprise.

It is fun to be a volunteer and rewarding to know you are part of making this amazing event a success.
If you are ready to make the 2023 Mark Hardin Air Race Classic a big success sign up for any of the below.
FRI May 26 set up, ramp, registration, dinner prep, transportation, volunteer briefing
SAT May 28 volunteer briefing, set up, registration, ramp, starter, timing, scoring, transportation.
Email me at [email protected] if you’d like to volunteer!

ENTRY & INFORMATION and click on the event. All race information is on the web site as well as entry forms.
Direct contact: Dave Anderson, [email protected], 850-218-2427.

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