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2023 Bluegrass 150 Race

The Bluegrass 150

Kentucky Senator Bourbon is a sponsor of the race, and has graciously provided a bottle of their 7 year old, 107 proof bourbon! A drawing will be held to determine the winner of the bottle from racers and volunteers. Don't miss out on your chance to win!

Date: Saturday, May 20, 2023 10:00am - Mandatory Pilot Briefing

Where: Cynthiana, KY 0I8 (zero-india-eight)

Eligibility: Any pilot with a current SARL membership and COI, a provisional membership
is acceptable as long as this is your first race and you have a COI (see for membership information)

Hotel: We have reserved rooms at the Super 8 hotel in Georgetown. Mention the
Bluegrass Race to get the $75 rate. Cut off is two weeks prior to the race, however they will honor the rate up to May 19 if they still have rooms available. 502-863-4888
Camping is encouraged! The FBO has nice bathrooms with showers and a kitchen with
a refrigerator and microwave.


Friday, May 19
4:00pm - 6:00pm: registration desk open for pilots to register for the race and pick up information packets
6:00pm: Dinner served at the EAA hangar
6:00pm - 9:00pm : shuttles will run on a set schedule to hotel

Saturday, May 20
7:30am - first shuttle leaves hotel, they will continue to run on schedule until 9:00am
7:30am - 9:30am - registration desk open to pilots
8:00am - breakfast at the EAA hangar (coffee and donuts)
7:30am - 9:30am - registration desk open to pilots
10:00am - MANDATORY pilot briefing in the FBO
11:00am - Race start
12:00 pm - food truck available for lunch (pilots will have vouchers)
1:00pm - Awards ceremony

Race entry fee: $50. We will be able to accept Venmo, Zelle, cash or checks. Please note that your SARL membership can NOT be paid at the race. Membership MUST be purchased in advance.
Zelle: make payments to 859-391-1235
Venmo: make payments to Donna-Wilson-Parr
Checks: payable to Jim Wilson
If you have questions, please contact Jim Wilson at 859-391-1235

The Bluegrass 150 Race Rules:

This is a fun, informal race. The intent is NOT to win at all costs but to compete against your friends in a safe environment with good sportsmanship.
1. All planes must be deemed airworthy as described in the FARs.
2. All pilots must be certificated and current as described in the FARs. All pilots must have a
COI. Student pilots may race with their CFI as long as the membership and insurance
requirements are met.
3. Each aircraft must have its race number prominently displayed on the side of the fuselage
and/or the underside of the wing. Provisional members may use their N number.
4. Please email a photo of your aircraft from the side along with the type of aircraft and your race number to [email protected] by May 17. We would like to provide this information to all the pilots to streamline the taxi process and make identification easier for our timers. Anyone who registers after May 17 will not be included in the race brochure.
5. SARL classes and respective rules will apply.
6. Racers will launch and recover at 0I8.
7. Elapsed time on the courses will determine the winners of each class.
8. Both the long and short race courses and turns will be discussed in detail at the mandatory
pilot's briefing.
9. All turns must be made around an established point. A turn missed by more than a mile will result in disqualification. A turn missed by less than a mile will incur a 15 second penalty. DO NOT attempt to turn back and make a missed turn. This is dangerous and will result in disqualification!
10. To minimize passing, racers will launch in order from fastest aircraft to slowest. If you
need to pass, the overtaking plane should pass on the right after announcing its position
and intentions on the correct CTAF. Pilots must always maintain visual separation. Passing on a turn point should be done on the outside of the turn. Again,
communication is key! Make sure the slower pilot knows where you are and what
you're doing!
11. Any maneuver or action during the race that is deemed unsafe will result in disqualification

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