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2023 Bluegrass 150 Short Course

Bluegrass 150 Short Course

Start: 0I8 Cynthiana, KY
Turn 1: 38.21*N/83.59*W Mt Sterling, KY (KIOB)
Turn 2: 38.54*N/83.75*W Morehead, KY (KSYM)
Finish: 0I8 Cynthiana, KY

Start as directed. Call your start on frequency 122.8 ("Race 5, rolling"). If departing to the northwest, make your turn on course before switching to frequency 122.7.

Turn 1: Turn frequency is 122.7 Turn altitude is a minimum 0f 2200 feet. Switch to frequency 123.0 after leaving the vicinity.

Turn 2: Turn frequency is 123.0 Turn altitude is a minimum of 2100 feet.
Switch to 122.8 after leaving the vicinity.

Finish: Call on 122.8 at 5 miles out ("Race 5 is 5 miles out") and repeat at 1 mile out. Be alert for planes approaching the finish on the long course!
The finish point is the junction of the taxiways. Finish altitude is a minimum of1900 ft.

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