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2019 Ghost Run Air Race Information

What: Fun-Based Cross Country Air Race and Pumpkin Bombing
When: Saturday 12 October, 2019 – 1030 Mandatory Pilot's Briefing
Where: Jasper, TX (JAS)

Who: Anyone with an Airplane

It is a sanctioned SARL race for 2019.
Member Pilots will accrue SARL points.

October 11th - 1830 - Midnight - Ghost Run Hangar Kick-Off Party / Fly-in
- Live Music
- Cast Iron Jambalaya
- Drinks/Spirits
- Fire Pit and Camping Available

October 12st
0830 - Breakfast @ Belle Jim Hotel
1000 - Race Registration
1200 - Lunch - Anthony Pickens Soul Food Truck will be on site for lunch. Check out our Facebook page for menu.
1330 - Race Brief
1430 - Race Start
1630 - Awards Banquet (Fresh Peeled Crawfish Etouffee)
1700 - Post awards people that want to hang out, camp out etc are welcome to stay and depart Sunday morning.

A few notes about race. I recommend flying in on Friday evening as opposed to Saturday morning.
Our main reasoning for moving the race to an afternoon format is unpredictable fog that time of year.
It never fails despite the forecast saying clear morning, there is fog until 10-11am.

We can provide shuttles to hotels for any that need them. Enterprise is an option in town as well.

Race Entry fee is $50.00

Any questions please contact Ryan Boyette at (409) 201-5561

The Ghost Run Air Race Rules
This is an informal race and the intent is not to win at all costs, but instead to compete in the nature of good sportsmanship.

All FARs must be adhered to during the race.

1. All race planes must be airworthy as described in the FARs.

2. All pilots must be certificated and current as prescribed in the FARs. Student pilots may race with their CFI.

3. Each aircraft must have its Race Number prominently displayed on either side of the fuselage and/or on the under side of the wing.
Provisional entrants can use a portion of their N Number for identification.

4. All speeds and calculations will be in nautical and statute miles.

5. SARL classes and respective rules will apply.

6. Racers will launch and recover at KJAS.

7. Elapsed time over the course will determine the winner and placings within the respective classes.

8. Jasper airport (JAS) is the Start/ Finish line.

9. Race route will be explained at the mandatory briefing.

10. All turns must occur over a virtual “pylon” that will be explained in the briefing.

11. A shortcut (turn missed by more than one mile) will result in a disqualification.
A missed turn (track flown within one mile of the “pylon”) will result in a 15 second penalty. Missed turns WILL NOT be reflown. To do so will be a DQ.

12. Competitors should monitor the respective CTAFs and the Race Advisory Frequency which is 123.45

13. In order to minimize passing, racers will start in descending order of top cruise speeds. Fastest first, slowest last.

14. Regarding passing, if the overtaking airplane is in close proximity (numbers can be made out) it should be on the right after announcing its position and intentions on the Race Advisory Frequency while maintaining visual separation.
Passing in a turn will be done on the outside of the turn. Starting order will be arranged to minimize passing.

15. Any maneuver or action during the race that is deemed unsafe or potentially unsafe will result in the disqualification of the competitor.

16. Briefing is mandatory.

Visit the Ghost Run Facebook Page

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